In spring 2014, the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture in Iceland commissioned an audit of adult education. The main objectives were to assess development of adult education, its efficiency, impact and utilisation of funds and evaluate how relevant stakeholders communicate and take decisions.

The study was conducted by Capacent Iceland and based on available data, such as current contracts, financial information, previous audits, etc. All stakeholders were interviewed and an evaluation was made on users’ views of adult education offers.

The main survey results were very positive:

  • main objectives of the Adult Education Act of 2010 have been met;
  • funds allocated to adult education have been well spent ;
  • cooperation between decision-makers and different stakeholders is good;
  • best results were changing the lives of those who used the educational offers;
  • overall, participants were pleased with their training and the guidance they received.

A credit system still needs to be developed, so participants in adult education can use their study points to enter the formal school system. The Upper Secondary School Act gives each principal the authority to assess informal and non-formal learning and accept credit units fully, partly or not at all.

The Ministry of Education suggests working with adult education providers and upper secondary schools to develop a single credit system, where any credit gained in adult education gives the same credit(s) in all upper secondary schools. Further, it is suggested that adult education providers be given a more important role in planning the future of adult education.

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