The purpose of this study is to investigate how work-based learning that focuses on the acquisition of key competences can contribute to getting low-skilled unemployed adults back into the labour market. The main objectives are:

-  To analyse the existence and effectiveness of such work-based learning programmes, and the extent to which they are used in national unemployment policies;

-  To analyse the actual and potential design of such programmes, taking particularly into account the key competences (to be) addressed, the specific target group and the concepts of work-based learning (to be) used;

-  To identify future research needs and to provide some key messages for policy - and decision makers and for those who design and implement such programmes.

The study shall consist of a profound desk-research, a comparative overview of policies and practices in 15 EU member states and 10 in-depth case-studies.

This call has been published in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union 2011/S 77-125415 of 20/04/2011.

Deadline of submitting tenders: 01/06/2011 (17h00 for hand-delivered tenders).

Requests for additional information/clarification should be received by 24/05/2011.

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