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Level descriptors are essential elements of national qualifications frameworks (NQF) established and implemented across Europe. They define what is meant by learning outcomes, describing what an individual is expected to know, be able to do and understand, having acquired a qualification at a particular level.

This Cedefop publication shows that all 39 countries taking part in the implementation of the European qualifications framework (EQF) have now defined – and for a large part adopted – their levels of learning outcomes.

The analysis illustrates the influence of the EQF on national level descriptors, and demonstrates how countries have adjusted and further developed the learning outcomes approach according to national needs and priorities. National level descriptors have mostly been developed through extensive dialogue between different stakeholders.

This report celebrates the 10th anniversary of the EQF in 2018 and its further implementation, as anchored in the revised EQF recommendation (2017).

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Cedefop (2018). Analysis and overview of NQF level descriptors in European countries. Luxembourg: Publications Office. Cedefop research paper, No 66.


Analysis and overview of NQF level descriptors in European countries

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