Cedefop has been looking at how high-level vocationally oriented education and training qualifications have evolved in recent years

Upon the completion of its study on vocational education and training at tertiary level, Cedefop is organising an expert workshop on 12-13 July 2010. Discussions will focus on the content and the provision of high-level vocational education and training provision and its links with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) at higher qualifications level (levels 6 to 8).

The latest European policy documents call for flexibility of education and training programmes to match the rapidly changing needs of the labour market.
The loosening of ties between institutions and specific qualifications types and the blurring frontiers between vocational and general education have resulted in a greater diversity of providers, programmes and participants in higher vocational education and training. With its activities on permeability in education and training and on the development of the EQF and corresponding National Qualifications Frameworks, Cedefop is at the crossroad of future policy and research development in this field.

A report with the findings of the study and the workshop will be published shortly.