Initial results of the 2018 satisfaction with education survey show that nearly 70% of vocational education and training (VET) learners enjoy their studies. ​

The survey, conducted by the Ministry of Education and Research, aimed at providing comprehensive feedback on learner experiences. In 2018 it covered for the first time all education levels from pre-school to VET. Around one-third of VET learners and almost half of VET teachers from over two-thirds of VET schools participated.

Preliminary results show that adults, women, those with at least secondary education and those studying at EQF level 5 of vocational education are more satisfied with their studies than other learners. The level of satisfaction of learners at secondary VET is slightly lower.

Learners were asked whether they feel well at school, if they find it interesting and if they are happy to attend it. Satisfied learners also scored higher in their rating of quality of teaching and organisation of studies, study discipline and self-efficacy, and ability to complete their studies successfully.

Approximately two-thirds of learners would recommend their school to others, yet only slightly more than a half of them considered that Estonian employers value VET.

More than 80% of VET teachers indicated that they are proud to be working in their schools and would recommend these to other teachers. However, less than a half of teachers said that the overall image of VET in Estonia is generally good.

The Ministry will present a comprehensive analysis of the survey results in autumn 2018.