Cyprus participated in the EU-funded RoboVET project, launched on 1 October 2018 and completed on 31 December 2020. A partnership of 10 partners from Portugal, Spain and Cyprus, the project targeted a wide range of groups: VET learners and trainers, VET providers, public VET regulatory bodies, companies (especially SMEs). 

It aimed at creating a new, joint and mutually recognised (in the three countries involved) VET qualifications and an easy-to-customise curriculum for robotics technicians, compatible with the European qualifications framework (EQF). RoboVET’s goals are:

  • to create a supply of qualified technicians for a sector facing difficulties in recruiting highly skilled personnel;
  • to help SMEs to modernise within the context of industry 4.0;
  • to promote employability in a leading economic sector.

The robotics technician curriculum comprises mandatory and optional units of learning outcomes. VET schools and centres may choose those training units which are most suitable to the industrial sectors for which they offer training, and which address identified regional labour market needs. The curriculum corresponds to level 4 of the European qualifications framework. Apart from the factual and theoretical knowledge required for work (or study) at this level, it provides an additional range of cognitive and practical skills that generate solutions to specific problems. It also helps learners develop soft and entrepreneurial competences boosting employability and enabling working and/or learning mobility.

RoboVET results

Deliverable 3.1. ′Qualification profile′ presents the detailed qualification profile of a robotics technician. The profile is structured according to EQF principles and is compatible with EQF level 4 descriptors. Deliverable 3.2. ‛Joint curriculum′ is flexible and can be customised according to the type of industry or regional labour market needs. This is made possible by the optional training units that offer an additional skillset. Finally, deliverable 3.3. ‛Training module structure′ is a joint qualification on robotics technician, including a professional profile for EQF level 4.

Two successful multiplier events in Spain and Cyprus and a final conference in Portugal were organised to present results and other findings, and to raise awareness among relevant stakeholders (i.e. schools, trainers, enterprises, public entities and associations).

Future robotics technicians will have an opportunity to complete traineeships in companies that use or produce robotic devices and equipment.

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