‘In 2030, all young people in Bulgaria should graduate from school as functionally literate, innovative, socially responsible and active citizens, motivated to upgrade their competences through lifelong learning.’

In February 2021, the Bulgarian council of ministers adopted the strategic framework for education and training for the period 2021-30. It corresponds to the vision and general objectives of the policies of priority 1 ‘education and skills’ of the National development programme Bulgaria 2030. The framework outlines the main principles and priorities for the development of education and training in Bulgaria, defines specific goals, and indicates implementation measures and activities. It is compatible with the releavant European strategic documents, which outline a shared vision of high-quality, inclusive, value-oriented and lifelong education and training.

The constant and dynamic expansion of the necessary skillset for the 21st century poses a challenge for all education systems. Great emphasis should therefore be placed on the modernisation of learning environments, changes in the curricula and teaching/learning methodologies and pedagogies, and increased focus on digitalisation, as new, digital technologies (e.g. artificial intellingence) are changing not only the structure of occupations but societies as a whole. The development of learners’ (of all ages) digital skills should coincide with training relevant to the green transition. Addtionally, modern education systems should combat growing social inequalities and ensure high-quality, inclusive education for vulnerable groups.

To addresss the education challenge the strategic framework identifies the following priority areas:

  • early childhood development;
  • competences and talents;
  • motivated and creative teachers;
  • cohesive school communities and continuous work with parents;
  • effective inclusion, sustainable participation and educational integration;
  • educational innovation, digital transformation and sustainable development;
  • effective skills forecasting systems and attractive vocational guidance and counselling;
  • lifelong learning;
  • efficient governance, management and networking.

Each of these priorities is accompanied by specific goals and predefined performance indicators. Implementation measures and activities will be funded  from the national budget, the Structural Funds and other EU funding programmes, as well as other donor programmes and mechanisms for the period 2021-30.

Progress will be monitored through five-year plans, and a final evaluation report will be drafted at the end of each period.

The framework places vocational education and training (VET) high on the agenda and focuses especially on innovation in VET, its digital transformation and relation to the green economy, emphasising VET’s role in the twin transition.

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Стратегическа рамка за развитие на образованието, обучението и ученето в Република България (2021 – 2030) [Strategic Framework for the Development of Education, Training and Learning in the Republic of Bulgaria (2021-30)]