This years 4th interdisciplinary EduMedia Conference offers a platform for a critical assessment of the current situation regarding the sustainable use of webbased education technologies in self-organised learning processes in all areas of education:
  • Have the various didactical concepts of self-organised learning in Web 2.0 proved their value?
  • What are the advantages of informal learning, supported by social software, for creating innovative ideas?
  • What relevance has involvement in media pedagogy and media education and personal IT-competence for procuring a change in learning culture?
  • What future strategies of information search and information processing are required to keep young people from getting lost in the information overload of the interactive web?
  • What are the features of digital learning assessment and evaluation for webbased learning, in order to keep self-organised learning from becoming unorganised or random?
  • Which basic ethical parameters can be defined in an open, digital space for self-organised learning?

During the conference various practical workshops are offerede and an e-portfolio forum. A panel discussion on Multiple Digital Identities Blessing or Curse? is meant to be a trigger for discussions on social networks. In an interactive World Caf ideas and suggestions will be worked out on how the changes in learning culture can be put into practice.

For the first time there will be a call for papers for the technology track. For the range of topics Technology Support for Self-organised Learners, held in English, the invitations have been issued under the academic coordination of the Open University of the Netherlands, the TENCompetence Network (EU Integrated Project) and Salzburg Research.

Target Groups: Educators and teachers, E-learning trainers,  Media educators Educational scientists and educational technologists

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02/06/2008 - 03/06/2008
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