This event will take place over two days in Brussels and Leuven, bringing together senior policymakers and leading policy researchers from across Europe.

The first day will take place at the European Parliament in Brussels. Participants will explore the changing objectives, policy trends and initiatives that are setting new pathways for European education. Policy developments will be discussed by policymakers from a range of supranational institutions and associations, including the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the Academic Cooperation Association, and the European University Association. These perspectives will be complemented by academic analyses of the evolution of European educational governance. Senior academics will consider issues such as: the interactions between policymakers and researchers in Brussels; the standardisation of European education; and the relationship between the European Commission and the academic research community.

Day Two of the conference will take place in Leuven, where delegates will explore future research directions and promising analytical perspectives for investigating European education policy developments.

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30/11/2007 - 01/12/2007
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