Committed and competent teachers and trainers are key to ensuring labour market relevance and quality of vocational education and training (VET) in Europe. They are the ‘human factor’, responsible for familiarising pupils with work challenges and labour market needs, for implementing new curricula or work-based learning schemes for apprentices or trainees, and for applying the European tools.

This is why the European Union has called on its Member States to offer VET teachers and trainers more professional development opportunities. In recent years, EU-funded projects have substantially contributed to creating learning opportunities for teachers and trainers, be it through improved career schemes, work placements or specific training, e.g. on labour market reforms.

It is time that countries pick up more systematically on these projects to make sure that their teachers are well trained and are offered attractive career prospects so that they, in turn, can better teach and train their pupils. Many countries have been taking action to improve the situation.

For further reading, download Cedefop’s new briefing note on the subject.

Practical examples of Member States’ activities can be found here.

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