Among the events Cedefop will be organising in 2009, a few stand out.
  • The Agora conference on March 16-17, with the participation of Commissioner Jn Figel, will present the outcomes of Cedefops report on policy changes across the European Union (i.e. the results so far of the Copenhagen process) and debate the future of EU labour market policies after 2010.
  • On 9-10 February, a joint seminar with the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions will examine the range of roles that social partners play in continuing vocational training.
  • Our Teachers and Trainers conference (co-organised with the European Commission), will examine the new roles taken on by teaching staff and how these contribute to implementing successful education and training reforms (23-24/2).
  • On May 8 Cedefop is holding an Open Day for the local community.
  • In March we will publish a report on how the learning outcomes approach affects education and training policies and practices. In addition, Cedefop will hold a related conference in June on how the character and function of qualifications is changing. (25-26/6).

We will be posting full information on these and other events and issues throughout the year.

A very happy and productive new year to all our website visitors!