ECVET, the European credit system for vocational education and training, is closely related to the need for increased permeability in education and training, wider recognition of prior learning, and the ‘Europeanisation’ of learning pathways. A working paper takes a closer look at how this system is developing.

The first Cedefop overview of the development of ECVET, The development of ECVET in Europe,  confirms that tests and experimentation on applying the system are underway in several countries, some of which have developed national initiatives. But the study also reveals a landscape of multiple players and perspectives that are attached to credit systems in VET in Europe. It also points out that setting up common references for mobility and transparency requires adapting European definitions to national, regional and sectoral settings.

The report relates ECVET to learning outcomes approach, validation, education and training standards and regulations, and the development of qualifications frameworks. It looks at the changing roles of different stakeholders, from qualifications authorities to social partners and training providers. The study points out that much depends on drivers such as financial resources, stakeholder cooperation, networking, and educational traditions; it also insists on the importance of establishing a common terminology that is understandable to all stakeholders and individuals.