Well-defined learning outcomes (LO) are considered to be crucial in many aspects of vocational education and training (VET), such as in VET promotion, supporting learners to plan their learning and asses their progress, and transnational mobility. The project See the goal: in-company learning outcomes as video recordings (2016-18) used video technology to apply the learning outcomes approach in some VET programmes.

The project was an EU-financed transnational project under the Erasmus+ KA2 action, in which Slovenian experts cooperated with Danish, Finnish and Portuguese counterparts. The aim was to improve the quality of in-company training, communication among schools and companies, and to create useful tools for learner self-assessment in regard to learning outcomes expected to be achieved through in-company training.

Each project partner country recorded sets of videos presenting in-company learning outcomes for one VET programme. A manual describing principles for producing amateur videos was developed, along with guidelines on how to use the videos.

Videos were evaluated by several VET learners/apprentices, in-company trainers and managers, VET consultants/coordinators and VET teachers. They were generally well accepted, as in this student’s opinion when using videos with his in-company trainer:

‘I watch everything on YouTube – for school or for private use. Everything I am interested in I check out there. That is why I like your short videos too. The in-company trainer was not interested in watching it at first – ‘It will take too much of my time’, he said. After we watched two of them, he became more and more interested. Since then, every morning we have watched videos for few minutes and discussed them. I love the fact that everything is filmed step by step. I think both parts are very important for us: preparation for work through videos and real work in a company.’

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