Sponsored by public employment services and the ESF, two new tools ‘odborogram’ and ‘profesiometer’ focusing on human resource planning and career guidance and counselling were developed. 

‘Odborogram’ presents current job prospects for secondary and tertiary graduates. The following example describes prospects of graduates from the secondary VET programme ‘plant and equipment mechanic’.

Source: www.trendyprace.sk

The overall rating 97 out of 100 points means that prospects for graduates of this programme are excellent, as it belongs to the top 3% secondary programmes, while 97% of them offer less favourable chances. Graduates of this programme have comparably very high current employment chances; graduates of 94% of secondary programmes have lower employment chances. Their future job prospects are excellent (100 out of 100), meaning that within the next five years, no other programme offers better chances of access to the labour market. Graduates of this programme tend to find a job in their field of expertise (77 out of 100); graduates of 23% of programmes have higher chances to find a job in their field of expertise. Salaries of these graduates are very good, as 94% of secondary graduates have lower salaries.

‘Profesiometer’ presents current prospects of occupations; the following example describes the prospects of the occupation ‘commercial sales representative’.

Source: www.trendyprace.sk

The overall rating of this occupation (96 out of 100 points) is excellent; it belongs to the top 4% occupations, as 96% of occupations offer less favourable chances. 93% of occupations offer lower salaries and job stability; 79% offer fewer job opportunities/ vacancies. This occupation is however vulnerable, as only 20% of occupations are at a higher risk due to future availability of working positions and automation and digitalisation.

New legislation, adopted in April 2019, has defined a new role for the position of career counsellor in schools and has reduced the teaching workload of education counsellors, who are currently also dealing with career guidance. Nevertheless, the Association for career guidance and career development criticised the reduction of the teaching workload of education counsellors as insufficient, adding that the career guidance definition underestimates the importance of developing students’ own career management skills. However the association is very positive about ‘odborogram’ and ‘profesiometer’, which can be useful tools in career guidance and counselling services.