The results of an Erasmus+ programme, implemented by the Regional Agricultural, Technical and Vocational School for Education and Training of Ammochostos/Avgorou, completed in early 2019, were recently disseminated by the national authority for the Erasmus+ programme.

The school – one of Cyprus’ IVET schools accredited with the Erasmus+ VET mobility charter – has realised numerous mobility periods abroad for learners and staff. The programme is considered an example of good practice. According to learner feedback, mobility periods boosted personal and professional development, making transition from school to employment smoother, and provided opportunities for collaboration and mutual learning in multicultural contexts.

Three mobility exercises covering industrial design innovation, agriculture and automotive engineering were organised for the promotion of research and innovation and the use of new technology. The programme also promotes cross-border cooperation in VET and familiarises learners with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Mobility phase in Denmark and the Netherlands – Innovation in agriculture

During the Denmark mobility period, students visited universities and schools such as the Valby technical high school, the Copenhagen university science centre and the Bygholm agricultural school, which is considered an agriculture pioneer. During the visit, learners worked collaboratively and exchanged ideas and experiences with their Danish counterparts.  Visits to companies such as the Kirkeby cheese factory and the Arnes architecture studio, familiarised them with innovative products, like retractable children's carts and power transmission pylons, and broadened perspectives of future employment and further studies. The mobility period in the Netherlands included visits to universities and leading companies where learners gained insight into modern production of potato seeds, Dutch farmyards, innovative hydroponic greenhouses, traditional cheese production, standardisation and marketing for fruit and vegetables, parks and floriculture marketing.

Mobility phase in Germany – Learning about the latest vehicle technologies

Learners of the automotive engineering branch were trained in the latest vehicle technologies during visits to German companies, such as Anhängerbau Hüffermann Neustadt/Dosse, the Drive Volkswagen Showroom Berlin, the Audi Flagshipstore and the Gläserne Manufaktur in Dresden.

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Erasmus + Ανάπτυξη δεξιοτήτων και επαγγελματικής εμπειρίας στη Μηχανική Επιστήμη και Γεωπονία

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