In this second instalment on the future of work, Cedefop's European skills and jobs survey reveals that more than seven in 10 adult employees in the EU need at least some fundamental ICT level to be able to perform their jobs; yet, about one in three of those employees are at risk of digital skill gaps.

At the same time, almost half of all employees in low-skilled occupations do not require ICT skills to do their work.

In the ninth in a series of articles on insights from the survey, Cedefop expert @K_Pouliakas notes that ‘the digital divide is alive and well. A strikingly high share of the EU adult workforce is still employed in a semi-analogue world, at the same time that others are faced with technological obsolescence. Reaping the full benefits of digitalisation will require modernisation of education and training systems but, crucially, more investment in digital capital infrastructure and continuing online learning for groups excluded from the digital economy.’

Cedefop’s #ESJsurvey was carried out in 2014 in all 28 EU Member States, collecting information on the match of the skills of about 49 000 workers.

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