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Public procurement and grants

Cedefop, as an Agency of the European Union, possesses its own legal personality and may enter into contractual relationships with persons, companies and other legal entities. It is therefore subject to the provisions of the Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the European Union, the Cedefop Financial Regulation and the relevant EU procurement directives for the award of public contracts and Grant agreements, and works in line with the basic principles of transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination, widest competition, proportionality and sound financial management.

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Privacy Statement on the protection of personal data in relation to Public Procurement

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Title Reference Closing date Status
Cedefop AO/A/AZU/003/06 - Early identification of skill needs: provision of scientific expertise and support 10/04/2006 Completed
Cedefop AO/A/EWS/PLI/PDE/002/06 - Trend scouting to underpin VET policy making 10/04/2006 Completed
Call for proposals - Jean Monnet Action 31/03/2006 Completed
Cedefop No AO/E/IT/SERVDESK/001/06 - Service desk services 27/03/2006 Completed
Call for proposals - training of national judges in EC competition law 13/03/2006 Completed
Public Open Tender : Progress analysis in relation to selected national VET priority areas, following the Maastricht Communique [Helsiniki study] 10/02/2006 Completed
Public open tender - report on higher education reforms 13/01/2006 Completed
RTD actions under Euratom for research and training in the nuclear energy field 02/01/2006 Completed
Open call for proposals - European Year of Workers' Mobility" 12/12/2005 Completed
Call for proposals - eContentplus programme 24/11/2005 Completed
Call for Proposals - MEDIA training 19/11/2005 Completed
Public open tender - Education and Training 2010 - Languages 03/11/2005 Completed
Open call for tenders : Study on the feasibility of an ECVET system ... 24/10/2005 Completed
Open call for tenders : Study on the implementation and development of an ECVET system ... 17/10/2005 Completed
Culture 2000 : Call for Proposals 2006 17/10/2005 Completed
Open call for tenders : On the way to Lisbon with VET 14/10/2005 Completed
Public open tender : Study on key education indicators ... 10/10/2005 Completed
Open call for tenders : Study on the obstacles to transnational mobility ... 10/10/2005 Completed
Joint call for proposals for indirect RTD actions - Support to innovation policy learning and development 05/10/2005 Completed
Call for proposals - European Associations acting at European level in the field of education 04/10/2005 Completed


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