Together with business and trade union leaders, the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, presented the entrepreneurship and youth employment strategy 2013-16 last March.

This strategy aims to improve the employability of young people as well as the quality and stability of employment, to promote equal opportunities for access to the labour market and to foster entrepreneurship. Its key aspects are creating incentives for enteprises to hire young workers and for business initiatives among young people, increasing labour market relevance of education and training and reducing the number of those who leave education and training early.

To make all this possible, the strategy covers 100 measures aiming to integrate young people into the labour market, either as employees or through entrepreneurship. The measures are classified according to their impact and their timing. They include ways to adapt education and training to labour market needs and to improve the guidance, support and information young people receive when seeking employment. Others improve flexibility and foster equal opportunities for finding work or encourage enterprises to hire young people,.

The strategy forms part of the national reform programme and is in line with the recommendations and initiatives adopted in this area by the European Union, especially the objectives of the Youth guarantee.

Promoting the integration of young people in the world of work and improving their situation on the labour market are two of the government’s main priorities. ’This plan will mark a before and after in the fight for economic recovery and job creation’, said President Mariano Rajoy.

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