In response to adverse effects of the economic crisis on the labour market, the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA) of Cyprus set up a special prevention scheme, which includes measures targeted at the unemployed, economically inactive and employed.

The measures are classified under three pillars:

  • unemployment prevention;
  • employment and training;
  • employability.

In 2014, HRDA completed the latest study evaluating impact of the special prevention scheme on human resources during 2009-13. The study was carried out via telephone interviews with a statistically representative sample of participants in various measures of the scheme.

The participation rate of those employed following completion of a scheme during 2009-12 was 47.6%, 48.5% were still unemployed and 3.9% were inactive. These numbers indicate that the scheme fulfilled its aim to minimise effects of the economic crisis on employment in Cyprus. This conclusion derives from positive comments of participants, and more significantly, from the fact that, at a time of economic downturn and zero job creation, almost half the participants were employed.

The study found more positive outcomes in measures that included an element of work placement. They registered significantly higher than average employment rates, which ranged from 69.3% to 83.9%.

These outcomes constitute very significant input to HRDA´s effort to improve its activities continuously and indicate a necessity to continue the prevention scheme.


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