The Making skills work index is a composite index aiming to provide an assessment of the route of skills across EU Member States, starting from development, going through labour market activation, and ending up in matching work needs.

It measures the comparative performance of the skills formation and matching system of each EU country. The index has three pillars, each focusing on a different aspect of a country's skills formation and matching system:

  • 'Skills development' measures training and education activities;
  • 'Skills activation' measures the transition of people into work, and participation in the labour market;
  • 'Skills matching' measures the degree of successful skill matching, i.e. the extent to which skills are effectively matched in the labour market.

The Making skills work index is available exclusively through the Skills Panorama website. Users can explore the information by country, by pillar and by each of the individual indicators comprising the pillars. Short commentaries on each country’s performance along with a background factsheet are presented together with the index.

Find out how your country makes skills work.

For further information or access to the technical report please contact Cedefop expert Ilias Livanos: