The final European meeting of TITA project took place on 17 October 2017 in Lyon, France attended by Cedefop, the European Commission and stakeholders from France and other EU countries.

TITATeam cooperation to fight early school leaving, Training, Innovative Tools and Actions” co-funded by Erasmus+ programme is a project dedicated to trainers, practitioners and stakeholders to provide scientific support, tools for action and training in order to prevent early leaving from education and training (ELET). Three countries of the consortium (France, Luxembourg and Switzerland) are implementing local and multi-professional teams’ schools to set up measures addressing emerging difficulties at an early stage. Promoting the development of these teams appears to be one of the keys of successful strategies to reduce early school leaving (ESL).

Cedefop’s expert Irene Psifidou gave a key note speech on “Involving the entire community in the prevention of early leaving from education and training: Cedefop VET toolkit ”.

In her presentation, Dr. Psifidou explained that ELET is a multi-faceted and complex problem caused by a cumulative process of disengagement. ELET is a result of personal, social, economic, education or family-related reasons. VET plays an important role in addressing ELET but VET institutions cannot and should not work in isolation. A comprehensive response to early leaving from education and training requires action from the entire VET community. This includes VET institution leaders, teaching and non-teaching staff, trainers, parents and families and requires that VET institutions cooperate with companies, other external stakeholders and the wider community.

Dr. Psifidou informed about Cedefop’s findings on involving the entire community for tackling early leaving by providing examples from different member states. This is one of the key interventions to combat early leaving from VET included in the new Cedefop VET Toolkit to tackle early leaving from education and training, a valuable source of support to policy makers and VET providers.

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