Within the framework of the Swedish EU Presidency, Arbetsfrmedlingen, the Swedish Public Employment Service, will organise a Presidency Conference on the theme New Skills For New Jobs.It will be a two day conference, taking place in Gothenburg on October 22-23.

The conference will explore and discuss the challenges facing the European labour market as regards mismatch imbalances between demand and supply with special attention to the importance of an analysis based on skills rather than occupational classification.

The target group for the conference is strategic management of European PES and/or national government ministries. Invitees include three participants from each country. The total number of participants is estimated at 140 persons

Ms. Alena Zukersteinova, Cedefop's Project Manager will participate in the section "What will the European Labour Market look like and demand within the coming years, and which is the capacity of PES to capture it?". 

In this session the starting point will be a presentation of Cedefops forecast of skills needs, and the situation concerning supply and demand in Europe.

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Event Date(s)
22/10/2009 - 23/10/2009
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Invitation only
Cedefop involvement

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