The ETFs thematic remit, as described in its founding Regulation, is to contribute to development of vocational training systems in partner countries.

In recent years education and training policy in the EU has switched from considering different sectors separately to embracing a lifelong learning (LLL) perspective involving holistic view of education and training as part of an entire learning system encompassing primary and secondary education, higher education, initial and continuing VET, and and adult education.

Furthermore, LLL is considered to be a key factor in achieving the Lisbon goals equip people with the knowledge, skills and wider competences to work and live citizens in a dynamic and fast changing economy and society.

In this context, traditional vocational training, defined as a procedure providing people work-related skills of immediate use in the labour market, cannot be considered in from developments in other areas of education or long-term labour market trends.

COM (2007) 443 of  25.07.2007

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