This year, Cedefop is organising its CareersNet annual meeting in cooperation with the German Federal Employment Agency.

CareersNet, Cedefop’s network of independent national experts for lifelong guidance and career development, convenes on the 8th and 9th of October for the fourth annual network meeting - a first virtual event. Each year the meeting is hosted at different national venues in Europe, promoting cooperation in the guidance policy field. This year, the virtual meeting is organised in cooperation with the German Federal Employment Agency, who will open the meeting together with Cedefop representatives from the Department for Learning and Employability (DLE).

This year’s timely theme is ‘Rethinking professionalism of career practitioners in the digital context’. Focus is on professionalism and the status, opportunities, difficulties, challenges of, and innovations in, integration of ICT and digitalisation in lifelong guidance systems, services – in connection with broader societal developments. Participants will have an opportunity to share their experiences, debate and discuss key issues and developments for policy, particularly in light of the impact of COVID-19 on guidance delivery across education, training and employment settings, and experiences faced by users and career learners.

Around 45 participants will meet and discuss thematic issues online with Cedefop’s CareersNet experts, including invited speakers from the University of Applied Labour Studies of the German Federal Employment Agency, the European Commission, and the European Training Foundation (ETF). In their closed session, members will also discuss network management issues and developments that took place since the last annual meeting in Rome last September (2019). They will also be informed on the latest developments in the Department's Guidance project area.

Event participation is restricted to the members of Cedefop’s CareersNet and invited organisations. Event materials and interesting resources such as slide presentations, will be available following the event. Please see the updated agenda below.



Welcome Session
Lifelong Career Guidance Strategy of the Federal Employment Agency, Michael van der Cammen (Federal Employment Agency, Germany)

Session 1: Current development in guidance and counselling in Germany
Professionalism of career guidance and counselling in Germany: status and challenges from the establishing digitalisation, Peter Weber (University of Applied Labour Studies, German Federal Employment Agency)

Session 2: Changes in guidance policy and practice in Europe
The expanding and evolving role of ICT in career guidance practice and policy, Raimo Vuorinen (Finland)
Digital-first strategies and guidance: implications for job and competence profiles of Public Employment Services' counsellors, Susanne Kraatz (Germany)

Session 3: Education, training and new opportunities and challenges for practitioners
New horizons of counselling and guidance in the German PES: current projects and study programmes, Matthias Rübner (University of Applied Labour Studies, German Federal Employment Agency)
Education and training for career practice in education and employment in Portugal: realities and horizons - Challenges, during the corona crisis, Hélia Moura (Portugal)

Session 4: Digital innovations in guidance
The development of a national digital career guidance service that aligns expectations in the national quality framework: the Norwegian example, Erik H. Haug (Norway)
CareerChat: the art of AI and the human interface in career development, Füsun Akkök (Turkey), Deirdre Hughes (UK), George Bekiaridis
New Europass: portfolio aspects and future developments, Koen Nomden and Hrvoje Grganović (European Commission)

Session 5: Guidance systems and frameworks for professionalism
The value of the national Programme Recognition Framework (PRF) for guidance counsellor training, incorporating ICT and online delivery of guidance, Jennifer McKenzie (Ireland)
Digital badges for a validation skills framework for career practitioners: a case in Italy, Giulio Iannis (Italy)

Session 6: Rethinking labour market information
Labour market information and information management in the modern labour markets - Lessons to be learned by guidance professionals, Tibor Bors Borbély-Pecze (Hungary)

Event details

Event Date(s)
08/10/2020 - 09/10/2020
Event Type
Virtual event
Invitation only
Cedefop involvement





Cynthia Harrison Villalba
Maria Karamanoli
Anthie Kyriakopoulou