The online inventory of the national lifelong guidance systems records aims to provide insights on current policy developments and structures pertaining to career guidance, career education and career development in the EU member states, the EEA, EFTA and the EU enlargement/accession countries.

The country records available are based on information collected and analysed by CareersNet experts during their respective mandate period. CareersNet is Cedefop’s network of independent experts in career guidance and career development, managed within the Lifelong guidance project area of the Department for VET and Skills.

Each country record aims to monitor and document relevant policy developments towards achieving the objectives laid down by the Council Resolution on better integrating lifelong guidance into lifelong learning strategies and the European Guidelines for Policies and Systems Development for Lifelong Guidance. The structure and contents of the records closely reflects these documents.

The shared structure of the records allows for a (subjective) comparative perspective of policy progress in the field, across the monitored countries. The Lifelong Guidance (LLG) inventory is currently divided into 21 sections, which can be viewed across available countries for each collection per the year it was published online. Not all sections are complete for every country.

Collections and reference years. There are country collections organised by year of on-line publication. Each record builds on previous versions, where relevant.

2020 collection of records were initially prepared based on information collected by CareersNet experts during the period 2017-18 and complemented with contributions during the year 2019. Coverage of information is variable across countries and may not fully reflect developments during the publishing year.

2021 collection – Some updates took place in 2021 (DK, FI, TR) where key changes occurred in the lifelong guidance systems. Coverage of information added in 2021 to reinforce the inventory up-to-datedness, is variable across the records in these countries, and may not fully reflect developments during that year. New records were also added for 2021 (BE-Fr, PL).

2023 collection – A more extensive update of all country records is underway in 2023 prepared based on information collected by CareersNet experts during the period 2022-2023. These new records will be added throughout the year, as they become available. Some reflect developments during 2022 only, while others reflect some developments in 2023 though it is variable across the countries.

Disclaimer: The perspectives and opinions expressed in the records do not necessarily reflect those of Cedefop. The CareersNet experts make every effort to ensure accuracy of the information presented, however the situation in the countries can change and information sources are obtained from a number of stakeholders. Feel free to submit your feedback and suggestions for improvement to

Displaying results 1 - 24 out of 48
Displaying results 1 - 24 out of 48