About Romania

Romania has experienced a fall in the number of wage-earning employees since the beginning of the century. This has been explained with reference to high rates of inactivity recorded by the working-age population (15-64), the large number of people working in subsistence farming, and the outward migration of labour (mostly to elsewhere in the EU), bringing about a loss of human capital. Similarly, the extent of early school leaving also has affected the competitiveness of Romania’s workforce.

Looking to the future, good employment growth is predicted, especially in health & social care, accomodation & food and transport & storage sectors. Most new job opportunities will be for sales workers, drivers & vehicle operators and legal & social professionals. When it comes to total job openings (including replacements for vacated jobs), Given the structure of its job demand, Romania will still need a lot of people with low levels of qualification. Job market in the country seems to show significant job polarisation. Demand concentrates on both high and low qualifications, with only 1 in 6 jobs will require medium qualification levels in the future.

VET System in Romania

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