The skill forecast country reports summarise key future trends in jobs and skills for individual EU Member States. They offer a concise outlook on national employment trends by sector, occupational group and education level, as well as developments in the working age population by age and gender. Implications for future labour market imbalances can be identified when demand and supply are looked at together. A common methodology and harmonised data ensure comparability of results across Member States. The estimations are consistent with official EU economic forecasts and population projections.

The latest round of the forecast covers the period up to 2035. The forecast takes account of global economic developments up to Spring 2022. The short-term GDP projections are in line with Ameco’s Spring 2022 Economic Forecast, while the long-term projections are in line with the GDP projections used in the Europop 2019 population projections, as detailed in the 2021 Ageing Report. Since the 2021 Ageing Report does not contain assumptions about the European Green Deal, the long-term GDP projections have been adjusted to reflect the implementation of parts of the Green Deal, based on information from the European Commission Fit-For-55 Impact Assessment. For full details please see our Technical Report.

Country-specific report details


Skills forecast - France 2023

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