The scoreboard is a tool to assist in devising mobility policies. Its role is to:

  • provide learners’ organisations and mobility organisers with an overview of mobility practices across other countries, and inspire them to design reform suggestions, which they may implement or submit to the attention of their national policy-makers;
  • assist national policy-makers in better understanding their respective countries’ positions in the European mobility arena, and better identifying options for reform;
  • provide EU policy-makers with information and evidence on current mobility policies across European countries, and suggestions on priorities for action.

It is not only learners’ organisations and policy-makers who can benefit but all types of mobility organisers, such as VET institutions, Erasmus+ national agencies and other mobility agencies, companies involved in mobility, guidance institutions, and teachers, trainers, counsellors and other staff involved in organising mobility activities.

To fulfil its objectives, the scoreboard provides:

  • EU-wide overviews of countries’ structures, policies and performance through maps, indicators and tables;
  • country information, analyses and suggestions through scorecards and country fiches.