The Cedefop Research Arena aims to develop new thinking regarding the learning processes for adults in work environments. In order to achieve this goal Cedra forms small European research networks to engage in European development work on a work...

As from 2007, the main aim of the Cedefop Research Arena (Cedra) is to develop and share new thinking about the links between the labour market and skills, a topic which is relevant for academic researchers as well as policy makers at European and national levels.

Cedra is undergoing a thematic re-focus. It will explore how labour market developments shape skill requirements, how participation in education and training impact the supply of skills, and to what extent European labour markets suffer from skill mismatch problems. In particular, Cedra will seek to understand the underlying forces and processes that drive skill demand and supply. Cedra will address these issues mainly from an economic perspective, but will rely on insights from other disciplines as well, where appropriate.

To carry out the above, Cedra forms research partnerships and networks, which allow researchers, working on separate but related topics, to pool resources and engage in European development work. Cedra also capitalises on and distils the results of recent European research projects. Cedra's research findings give rise to publications or web-based resources.

Since its start in 2000, Cedra has been instrumental in developing new insights about learning processes for adults in work environments. Among others, topics that were covered were older workers and lifelong learning, learning regions and learning organisations.

Topics previously covered by Cedra:

  • Older workers and lifelong learning
  • The learning region
  • Learning in organisations and HRD
  • Work related learning in educational settings
  • Information and communication technologies (ICT) for learning
  • Research methodologies for the knowledge society

Organisations/actors who wish to be partners in Cedra projects should preferably be registered on the Cedefop list of institutions which can receive restricted calls for tender from Cedefop (see Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) to provide specific expertise in the field of Vocational Education and Training - Cedefop No CEI/VET/2006)...

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