Vocational education and training: key to a better future Cedefops medium-term priorities for 2006-08

Cedefop's Medium Term Priorities for 2006-2008 have been adopted by the Bureau in its meeting of 07.09.2005. The final version is currently available in pdf format and English only. This document sets out the strategic objectives and priorities which will guide the Governing Board in adopting Cedefops work programmes for 2006, 2007 and 2008. It highlights the challenges in vocational education and training (VET) stemming from the Lisbon goals, the 2010 objectives for education and training, and describes the contribution expected of Cedefop in meeting these goals. Vocational education and training is the key to a better future and to sustained economic and social development. Participation and investment in education and skills attainment have to increase dramatically. All stakeholders must intensify their efforts to achieve the goals and benchmarks for which they are responsible. For the EU to become more competitive, modernisation and innovation in education and training have to develop rapidly.


MTP 2006-2008