The HE_LeO Conference assembles universities and ministries from five partner countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, and Hungary. The aim of the conference is to present and discuss insights and preliminary outcomes of the Leonardo da Vinci project HE_LeO Learning outcomes and Competence orientation in Higher Education.

This project wants to link the European discussions on EQF and on the Bologna Process on an institutional level to the HE-sector as it needs a transmission belt between these two main European approaches and frameworks. There is a gap between the intended goals and the transformation on an institutional level into daily practice.

Therefore, this project aims with an action orientated approach to bridge this gap between European policies and an institutional approach of transformation and implementation by focusing on pilot projects in form of case studies in selected subject areas at universities.

Taking competence orientation and learning outcomes as central point of reference, a strong linkage can be drawn both to the EQF and to the NQFs in the different countries. In this respect HE_LeO provides an innovative contribution through focussing on the institutional level in the HE-sector and connecting it to the NQFs in the respective countries, by including both universities and ministries in this project.

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