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The Council recommendation on the European framework for quality and effective apprenticeships (EFQEA) invites Member States to ensure that their apprenticeships are responsive to labour market needs and provide benefits to employers and apprentices, by building on a well-defined set of criteria.

This report provides an analysis against several of these criteria of schemes included in the Cedefop European database on apprenticeship schemes.

The analysis reveals areas of strength for several criteria but also unearths issues and gaps that require further action. Crystallising the identity of ‘apprenticeship’ within national contexts in relation to other VET tracks and promoting a structured approach to training for both learning components (school-based and workplace) are essential conditions for ensuring the quality of apprenticeships and measuring their effectiveness.

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Cedefop (2021). EFQEA implementation: a Cedefop analysis and main findings: how schemes in Cedefop’s European database on apprenticeship schemes compare with EFQEA criteria. Luxembourg: Publications Office.


EFQEA implementation: a Cedefop analysis and main findings

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