About Sweden

Sweden is considered to be one of the most competitive economies in the world. Policymakers stress the importance of ensuring that the skills of the population are fully developed and utilised; in relation to young people, the emphasis in this regard has been upon ensuring that they continue in education and training and complete their studies. The country has been hit by recession strongly but has recovered very well. The employment rate and recent employment growth were above the EU average and the country should perform well also in future years.

The strongest employment growth is expected in health & social care sector, education and also in public administration . The occupations which are expected to have most new job openings in next decade are health professionals, office associate professionals and researchers & engineers. Two thirds of total job openings (including replacements for vacated jobs) till 2030 will need high qualification level. Sweden is increasingly shifting towards high-skilled economy; still some opportunities for people with low qualifications will be there in forthcoming years.

VET System in Sweden

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