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Cedefop’s study Financing apprenticeships in the EU is a first-time effort in systematically collecting and analysing information on financing arrangements for apprenticeship schemes in EU countries and the UK.

The data were collected through national expert surveys and the results are presented in two forms. An online database provides detailed financing information for each apprenticeship scheme, while the report focuses on the main findings and offers comparisons of financing arrangements. The study looks at the main costs of apprenticeship and how they are shared between employers, apprentices, State, schools and other training providers. It examines the mechanisms for collection and redistribution of financial resources (focusing on incentives for employers and apprentices) and the volumes of funding involved. It demonstrates the wide variety of ways in which apprenticeships are financed and proposes a typology of financing arrangements for apprenticeships. The study aims at better understanding the patterns of financing apprenticeships and contributing to policy learning.

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Financing apprenticeships in the EU

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