Romania’s vocational educational and training (VET) system has gone through continual reforms to match society’s needs better. In initial VET (IVET) these needs refer mainly to (a) adjusting training offer to the labour market, and (b) increasing social partner and employer participation and accountability.

To support this complex process, the National Centre for TVET Development created jointly with its German partner Landesakademie für Fortbildung und Personalentwicklung a Schulen rAöR, a DALIVET project funded by the Erasmus+ programme, with implementation period 2014-16.

The project aims to establish the starting point for developing and introducing an apprenticeship pathway embedded in initial VET, as a more flexible, work-based learning option for young people who want to obtain a labour-market-relevant qualification. In some Romanian regions, several companies have shown interest in better-trained graduates.

The project will develop the basis for a legal framework for introducing apprenticeship in IVET, and raise awareness of work-based learning. It will also improve teachers’ competences through a pilot training programme. A feasibility study including analyses of dual-systems in the EU, and a master plan with recommendations for next steps will be developed and debated in a national consultation process.

The project aims to have significant impact at both system and local levels.

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