European research overviews explore, analyse and interpret key themes and findings of current national VET research to identify key cross-national research topics and evidence.

By improving transparency of national research and identifying cross-national research topics, Cedefop’s European overviews promote research cooperation in VET and related fields.
European research overviews are of interest to researchers and practitioners in VET and related fields who want to acquaint themselves with VET research issues and findings in their countries and abroad.
National research reports (NRRs) prepared by ReferNet, the European network of reference and expertise, form the basis for Cedefop’s comparative analysis of key cross-national research topics issues and evidence. The results of Cedefop’s analysis are published in thematic readers, alongside country level overviews of research prepared by ReferNet.
In 2010 and 2011, based on the 2009 NRRs by ReferNet, European research overviews covering the following topics will be published online:

  • Benefits of VET
  • Labour market transitions
  • Labour market groups at risk
  • Effectiveness and quality assurance
  • VET and employment-related mobility and migration

Contact details: Pascaline Descy