The third Cedefop policy learning forum (PLF) on defining and writing learning outcomes will take place in Thessaloniki on 21-22 June 2018 in cooperation with the European Commission and UNESCO.

Building on the positive outcomes of the first PLF in 2015 and second PLF in 2016 and more broadly on the work on world reference levels, led by UNESCO, the aim is to strengthen the exchange of experiences related to the writing and use of learning outcomes internationally. The PLF will target national and international experts involved in development of learning outcomes in the context of national frameworks and more broadly regional frameworks. 

While the learning outcomes approaches are firmly embedded in national and regional frameworks, mutual learning across national and institutional borders is still limited. Both of the previous PLFs emphasised the need for a ‘community of practitioners’ that will act as a platform of exchange and will be supported by research. In the same vein, the third PLF will require active participation from participants before, during and after the event.

Cedefop’s ‘European Handbook on defining and writing learning outcomes’ published in 2017 will be the main focus of the forum. This handbook, partly based on the findings of the 2015 and 2016 PLFs, can potentially become a reference point for cooperation in this area more globally. Participants will be invited to reflect on it and provide examples and experiences.

Note that the number of participants will be limited to 40 and participation will be by invitation only.

For content-related information, please contact:

Jens Bjornavold e-mail

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For logistical information, please contact Maria Berkat e-mail