New six-month apprenticeship programmes have become available in Romania for low-qualified people and for those who left school without any qualification. The programmes mainly support integration in the labour market and do not require prior formal qualifications.

The selection procedure is simple and accessible for people aged over 16. Registration at the National Agency for Employment, previous study record and a medical statement confirming suitability for the duties to be undertaken are the main requirements.

There are several advantages for apprentices:

  • an apprentice contract that grants them the rights of an employee, including a monthly salary equal or higher to the national minimum salary;
  • training takes place over the entire duration of the apprenticeship contract;
  • vocational training alternates with work duties specified in the job description;
  • support by an experienced training coordinator;
  • a nationally recognised qualification at the end of the programme.

There are also incentives for employers. They receive approximately EUR 340 per month for each registered apprenticeship contract for its entire duration.

The programmes are in line with the latest update of the apprenticeship law, which now allows accessing basic occupations, a well as those at EQF levels 2, 3 and 4, through apprenticeship.