Documents COM (2006) 604 of 18.10.2006
Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council establishing the European Institute of Technology

The EIT will contribute to bridge the innovation gap between the EU and its major competitors by promoting further the integration of the three sides of the knowledge triangle in a mutually-supportive manner and providing a world-class innovation-oriented critical mass at the EU level. The EIT will encourage and promote innovation through trans- and inter-disciplinary strategic research and education in areas of key economic or societal interest and by exploiting its knowledge outcomes to the benefit of the EU.

To achieve its mission the EIT will set up excellence-driven strategic long-term partnerships in critical areas between all actors involved in the knowledge triangle. Such an initiative would offer European companies a new relationship with education and research.

Furthermore, the EIT will seek to become a symbol of the integrated European Innovation, Research and Education Area, as well as a reference model that will inspire and drive change in existing education and research institutions in the EU.


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