Progress by Member States in reviewing and eliminating restrictions to Competition in the area of Professional Services
Brussels, 5.9.2005
{COM(2005) 405 final}, SEC(2005) 1064

The Commission Report on Competition in the Professions published in February 2004 targeted six professions - lawyers, notaries, engineers, architects, pharmacists and accountancy (including the neighbouring profession of tax advisers). This Report provides a detailed outline of progress made during 2004/05 by Member States in the review and removal of unjustified restrictions on competition in these six professions. Section 2 deepens the economic analysis of the Commissions 2004 Report. Section 3 explains the activities carried out by the Commission and national competition authorities. Section 4 examines the progress made in eliminating, or reviewing unjustified rules and regulations, in the five main categories of restriction featured in the Commissions 2004 Report (i) fixed prices, (ii) recommended prices, (iii) advertising regulations, (iv) entry requirements and reserved rights, and (v) regulations governing business structure and multi-disciplinary practices. Section 5 relates recent cases carried out by the Commission and within the European Competition Network.

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