The IDAN training centre recently conducted a survey among skilled workers in Iceland on their attitudes towards their professions. Over 3800 skilled workers in 21 occupations answered a questionnaire about their working environments, professions and training. The results showed that more than 90% were proud of their professions and almost 87% of respondents were satisfied with their work. Almost three out of four stated that they would recommend their profession to young people.

About two thirds of respondents are currently working in the field in which they have a qualification. Those who have left the professions for which they had initially trained had done so in order to undertake further training, switch to another profession or go to university. Many of them, however, missed their old job and said they were willing to go back given the opportunity.

There was a big difference in the number of women and men who had started working as skilled workers. Most professions are dominated by men and it is only in hairdressing and the food and catering sectors that women are in the majority.

For IDAN, which specialises in offering continuous education and training to skilled professionals, the most positive aspect of the survey must have been to see that 78% of respondents are interested in familiarising themselves with innovation in their crafts and that 52% were happy with the training on offer in their professions. Nearly 63% of respondents are satisfied with their possibilities to evolve in their job. Around 38% had attended work-related courses in the two years prior to the survey. About 64% of respondents have completed additional education for their journeyman’s examination.