The German Education Server launched an information service for students with special needs in mid-June 2007.

The websiteprovides resources on the subject of mobility, studying and disability. This collection of documents is accessible in English and German

Its larger framework is the Year of Equal Opportunities for All, as declared by the European Union in 2007. Access to higher education and to exchange programmes for students is one particular issue which is relevant in the light of a growing European higher education area.

With regard to the EU Year of Equal Opportunities for All, the EU programme for Lifelong Learning gains a particular significance: all citizens need to have equal access to education, regardless of their age, origin, religious orientation or disability. Students with disabilities and chronic diseases have special needs when preparing for an exchange programme. In many cases the appropriate addresses, counselling services and support programmes are disparate, and it is difficult to find them.

The new web service by the German Education Server now offers students an opportunity to gain a quick overview of Internet resources regarding aspects of studying and mobility, both in Germany and the EU.

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