A recently published collection of papers by Cedefop’s community of apprenticeship experts provides a useful tool for planning targeted, effective and efficient reforms in apprenticeship governance across Europe.

Apprenticeship experts from EU Member States, Norway and the United Kingdom, who voluntarily collaborate with Cedefop as members of the Community, had an opportunity to exchange their views on past activities and discuss its future at their 2021 annual virtual meeting, which was held on 16 September.

During the event, Cedefop experts presented the main conclusions of their comparative analysis of the Community experts’ short papers on ‘Apprenticeship governance and in-company training: where labour market and education meet’,  published as part of Cedefop's working papers series.

The publication provides a wealth of data for evidence-guided policy-making; it includes 21 short papers, drafted by the volunteer experts and reviewed by Cedefop, complemented by the Agency’s cross-scheme and cross-country summaries and conclusions. It further documents and analyses the variation of approaches to apprenticeship governance and in-company training among EU Member States, which Cedefop had already acknowledged.

All meeting participants shared positive feedback about their experience as members of Cedefop's community of apprenticeship experts, which they valued as an excellent learning, networking and professional development opportunity. The experts particularly appreciated the mixed composition of the members, with different profiles, which helped build a dialogue between research and policy-making. Despite the additional workload required, they agreed, the quality of their output has been rewarding and acknowledged.

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