Supporting teachers and trainers for successful reforms and quality of VET

These reports on supporting teachers and trainers for successful reforms and quality of VET were prepared by Cedefop’s ReferNet network in 2015. They are part of the series Cedefop ReferNet thematic perspectives and complement other available general information on VET systems by country.

VET teacher and trainer professional development is one of the strategic priorities of the Riga conclusions (2015). In 2015, ReferNet partners from the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway prepared these thematic perspectives, providing excellent snapshots of the situation of teaching and training professionals who work in initial VET, both in school and work-based settings, and including apprenticeship schemes.

There are four distinct categories of VET teachers and trainers across the countries:

  • teachers of general and vocational theoretical subjects in VET schools/centres;
  • teachers of practical subjects in school workshops or simulated learning environments;
  • apprentice tutors (mentors) in companies;
  • practical training instructors who accompany students during work-based learning parts of school-based programmes, taking place in companies.

The reports describe how the countries support initial and continuing professional development (CDP) of teachers and trainers, how they organise cooperation and partnerships between the worlds of education and of work, and national and EU-funded projects on the theme. They also address country-specific challenges, such as introduction of apprenticeship in the country, ageing teaching force, lack of teachers, and need for competences to deal with emerging issues or new requirements.

More information on the project page: Teachers and trainers’ professional development

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