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This publication is the final report of the thematic country review of apprenticeships (TCR) in Greece. The review took place between October 2015 and March 2017 at the request of the Greek Ministry of Education and the Greek Ministry of Labour.

This report presents the key findings of the review and suggestions for action in the short and medium term. The review suggests starting by elaborating efficient and participatory apprenticeship governance structures at national level; detailing areas of shared responsibility among stakeholders comprising national authorities, social partners and chambers; acting collectively at national level to bring forward improvements in selecting apprenticeship specialities, updating occupational profiles and curricula, promoting quality of learning in the workplace, training teachers and trainers, expanding incentives for enterprises; and diffusing this approach of shared responsibility to the local level, through regular and systematic cooperation among State authorities, schools, chambers, professional associations and companies.

Since May 2014, Cedefop has carried out Thematic Country Reviews on Apprenticeships in five volunteer countries: Lithuania and Malta as part of a first wave (2014-2015); GreeceItaly and Slovenia as part of a second wave (2015-2017). Cedefop has carried out a third wave of reviews in two more countries, Cyprus and Croatia, and piloted a lighter version of the TCR (flash TCRs) in Belgium (French-speaking Community) and Sweden.

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