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Título Reference Closing date Estado
Promoting adult learning for vulnerable groups in Europe: Financing instruments and accompanying measuresAO/RPA/PLI-RCDCR/Financing vulnerable groups/014/11 AO/RPA/PLI-RCDCR/Financing vulnerable groups/014/11 10/10/2011 Completed
Acquisition of Servers and Storage & provision of ancillary servicesAO/RES/SAK/Servers-Storage/016/11 AO/RES/SAK/Servers-Storage/016/11 06/10/2011 Completed
Unitisation and modularisation for flexibility and mobility in VETAO/ECVL/ILEMO/Unitisation&Modularisation/011/11 AO/ECVL/ILEMO/Unitisation&Modularisation/011/11 27/09/2011 Completed
Guidance for active age management – Supporting longer working lives of older workersAO/ECVL/MILA/Guidance-for-active-age-management/012/11 AO/ECVL/MILA/Guidance-for-active-age-management/012/11 26/09/2011 Completed
Cooperation between education and training and the labour market in renewing VETAO/ECVL/JB-IPS/Cooperation Labour market-VET/007/2011 AO/ECVL/JB-IPS/Cooperation Labour market-VET/007/2011 21/09/2011 Completed
Access Control & CCTV Systems' Delivery, Installation and Supporting ServicesAO/RES/ASAIN/Access Control & CCTV Systems/013/11 AO/RES/ASAIN/Access Control & CCTV Systems/013/11 20/09/2011 Completed
Management approaches to establishing a quality culture within VET institutionsAO/ECVL/TB/InternalQualityManagement/010/11 AO/ECVL/TB/InternalQualityManagement/010/11 05/09/2011 Completed
VET Statistical overviewAO/RPA/MSERA-ALSTI/VET Statistical overview/009/11 AO/RPA/MSERA-ALSTI/VET Statistical overview/009/11 31/08/2011 Completed
Call for tenders: Security and Associated Services for the Cedefop premisesAO/RES/ASAIN/Security&AssociatedServices/006/11 AO/RES/ASAIN/Security&AssociatedServices/006/11 28/07/2011 Completed
Call for tenders: Travel Agency ServicesAO/RES/JK/Travel Agency Services/008/11 AO/RES/JK/Travel Agency Services/008/11 26/07/2011 Completed
ReferNet call for proposalsGP/RPA/ReferNet_FPA/001/11 GP/RPA/ReferNet_FPA/001/11 08/07/2011 Completed
Call for tenders: Skills for a low carbon Europe: the role of VET in a sustainable energy scenarioAO/RPA/ARANI/Skills for a low carbon Europe/005/11 AO/RPA/ARANI/Skills for a low carbon Europe/005/11 21/06/2011 Completed
Call for tenders: Return to Work – Work-based learning and the reintegration of unemployed adults into the labour marketAO/ECVL/ADEHM/ReturnToWork/004/11 AO/ECVL/ADEHM/ReturnToWork/004/11 01/06/2011 Completed
Call for tenders: The role of qualifications in governing occupations and professionsAO/ECVL/LZAH-JB/GoverningOccupationsProfessions/002/11 AO/ECVL/LZAH-JB/GoverningOccupationsProfessions/002/11 23/05/2011 Completed
Call for tenders: Study on attractiveness of European initial vocational education and trainingAO/RPA/MHRAB-TODUN-FFER/IVET attractiveness/003/11 AO/RPA/MHRAB-TODUN-FFER/IVET attractiveness/003/11 16/05/2011 Completed
Provision of French/Greek language courses for Cedefop staffAO/RES/AMC/LanguageCourses/001/11 AO/RES/AMC/LanguageCourses/001/11 15/04/2011 Completed
Call for expressions of interest for the establishment of a list of experts to assist the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency in the framework of the management of the Community programmesEACEA/07 EACEA/07 11/03/2011
Διατίθεται δωρεάν ο παλιός εξοπλισμός του Cedefop 18/11/2010 Completed
"Webtrends services"AO/RES/LT/Webtrends/019/10 AO/RES/LT/Webtrends/019/10 09/11/2010 Completed
Insurance servicesAO/RES/JK/Insurance services/020/10 AO/RES/JK/Insurance services/020/10 08/11/2010 Cancelled


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