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Public procurement and grants

Cedefop, as an Agency of the European Union, possesses its own legal personality and may enter into contractual relationships with persons, companies and other legal entities. It is therefore subject to the provisions of the Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the European Union, the Cedefop Financial Regulation and the relevant EU procurement directives for the award of public contracts and Grant agreements, and works in line with the basic principles of transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination, widest competition, proportionality and sound financial management.

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Privacy Statement on the protection of personal data in relation to Public Procurement

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Título Reference Closing date Estado
Towards the European Web Intelligence Hub - European system for collection and analysis of online job advertisement data (WIH-OJA)AO/DSL/VKVET-JBRAN/WIH-OJA/002/20 AO/DSL/VKVET-JBRAN/WIH-OJA/002/20 30/07/2020 Completed
Engineering Consulting Services for the Cedefop Building and InfrastructureAO/DRS/KZIOG/EngineeringConsultingServices/001/20 AO/DRS/KZIOG/EngineeringConsultingServices/001/20
Extension date and time
Call for proposals_ReferNet 2020-2023 for Belgium, Czechia, Greece, Ireland and the NetherlandsGP/DSI/REFERNET-FPA/001/20 GP/DSI/REFERNET-FPA/001/20 14/02/2020 Completed
English language services: Editing, formatting and copywritingAO/DCM/MTA/Editing-Formatting-Copywriting/007/19 AO/DCM/MTA/Editing-Formatting-Copywriting/007/19 12/12/2019 Completed
Production and analysis of the Skills ForecastAO/DSL/ILIVAN/Skills Forecast/005/19 AO/DSL/ILIVAN/Skills Forecast/005/19 05/12/2019 Completed
Provision of Interim Agent Support ServicesENISA F-RED-19-T31 ENISA F-RED-19-T31 14/11/2019 Completed
Provision of Security Guard and Associated Services for the Cedefop premisesAO/DRS/ASAIN-KZIOG/Security_and_Associated_Services/006/19 AO/DRS/ASAIN-KZIOG/Security_and_Associated_Services/006/19 14/11/2019 Completed
Ex-ante Publicity Notice for 'Professional assistance with staff selection procedures implementation' (updated)NP/DRS/LHAR/SelectionProceduresImplementation/009/19 NP/DRS/LHAR/SelectionProceduresImplementation/009/19 29/10/2019 Completed
Support for Library/Research related tasks and for the institutional Open Access repository’AO/DCM/MWI-vka/Library services/004/19 AO/DCM/MWI-vka/Library services/004/19
Extension date and time
Call for proposals_ReferNet 2020-2023GP/DSI/REFERNET-FPA/001/19 GP/DSI/REFERNET-FPA/001/19 01/10/2019 Completed
The future of vocational education and training in EuropeAO/DSI/JB/Future_of_VET/003/19 AO/DSI/JB/Future_of_VET/003/19 30/09/2019 Completed
‘2nd European skills and jobs survey: Data collection on impact of digitalisation and technological change on skill mismatch of EU workers’AO/DSL/KPOUL-MSERA/ESJS/001/19 AO/DSL/KPOUL-MSERA/ESJS/001/19 18/09/2019 Completed
Support and incentives to learning and careers –Lot 1 & Lot 2AO/DLE/PMDFON-PLI/Support & Incentives/002/19 AO/DLE/PMDFON-PLI/Support & Incentives/002/19 16/09/2019 Completed
Ex-ante Publicity Notice for 'Professional assistance with staff selection procedures implementation'NP/DRS/LHAR/SelectionProceduresImplementation/007/19 NP/DRS/LHAR/SelectionProceduresImplementation/007/19 06/09/2019 Cancelled
Provision of Legal Services to CedefopCPN/DIR/AG/LegalServices/001/19 CPN/DIR/AG/LegalServices/001/19 05/07/2019 Completed
Remote ICT Services: Content Server/Share Point and Power Builder (Lot 1 & Lot 2)AO/DRS/ITK-TME/CS-SP-PB/008/18 AO/DRS/ITK-TME/CS-SP-PB/008/18 04/02/2019 Completed
Provision of Cleaning Services for Cedefop Premises (Re-launch) AO/DRS/ASAIN/CleaningServices/010/18 AO/DRS/ASAIN/CleaningServices/010/18 29/01/2019 Completed
ICT Network Support Services II (Re-launch)AO/DRS/SAN/ICTNetSS-II/009/18 AO/DRS/SAN/ICTNetSS-II/009/18 28/01/2019 Completed
Long-term cross-country mobility in apprenticeshipsAO/DLE/RCDCR_LRUST/Mobility_in_Apprenticeships/007/18 AO/DLE/RCDCR_LRUST/Mobility_in_Apprenticeships/007/18 27/09/2018 Completed
Provision of Cleaning Services for Cedefop PremisesAO/DRS/ASAIN/CleaningServices/005/18 AO/DRS/ASAIN/CleaningServices/005/18 19/09/2018 Cancelled


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