Of the 122 occupations and trades which secondary vocational training leads to, some make particular use of the latest technologies. These SMART professions are constantly evolving to create many interesting and innovative jobs. In June 2021, the education ministry launched the promotion campaign ‘The future is SMART’ to raise young learners’ awareness of these SMART vocational training programmes.

Need for promoting SMART vocational training programmes

The labour market is increasingly demanding qualified people who specialise in new fields or areas that have been profoundly transformed by digitalisation and automation. For example, 86% of young graduates in auto and motorcycle‎‎ ‎‎‎‎mechanics and 96%‎‎ ‎‎of qualified computer scientists have found a job in recent years within the first four months after graduation.‎ As young learners are not always aware or have an outdated perception of several trades and occupations which currently require the command of new technologies and offer innovative job opportunities, the education ministry decided to showcase some of these SMART vocational training programmes.

Campaign based on designated website and video

The designated web page ‘The future is SMART’ illustrates how state-of-the-art secondary schools offer work-based VET programmes (with apprenticeships or internships) which meet labour market needs. The core of the campaign is a video presenting certain VET pathways by showing the relevant equipment of secondary schools, the work environment in companies, as well as testimonies by learners, company managers and teachers.

Focus on specific SMART vocational training programmes

Among the programmes presented is the technician’s programme in ‘Smart technologies’; set up in 2018/19 to replace the technician’s diploma in electronics, it makes the subject more attractive for learners, adjusting it to the technological evolution. The VET programmes in cycle mechanics, which respond to the development of soft mobility, are presented as well. A further area of focus is the programme ‘Smart buildings and energies’ aiming to train technicians who will promote the use of renewable energy, optimise the efficiency of existing facilities and equipment and ensure compliance with energy performance regulations.

Useful information about the ‘SMART’ vocational training programmes is available on the ‘The future is SMART’ web page.


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Please cite this news item as: ReferNet Luxembourg; Cedefop (2021). Luxembourg: ‘The future is SMART’ campaign. National news on VET.