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Title Reference Closing date Status
A study on qualifications routes and competences needed by career guidance counsellorsAO/B/RLAR/Guidance-Qualifications/005/07 AO/B/RLAR/Guidance-Qualifications/005/07 23/07/2007 Completed
Restricted call for proposals - European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008DG EAC/08/07 DG EAC/08/07 14/07/2007 Completed
The dynamics of qualifications - the definition and renewal of occupational and educational standardsCedefop AO/B/JB/OccupationalEducationalStandards/004/07 Cedefop AO/B/JB/OccupationalEducationalStandards/004/07 09/07/2007 Completed
Call for proposals for projects promoting innovation and quality in the youth sectorEACEA/02/07 EACEA/02/07 30/06/2007 Completed
Youth in the world: cooperation with countries other than the neighbouring countries of the European UnionEACEA/03/07 EACEA/03/07 31/05/2007 Completed
EU-Canada Framework for Co-operation in Higher Education, Vocational Training and Youth (Transatlantic Exchange Partnerships)DG EAC/05/2007 DG EAC/05/2007 31/05/2007 Completed
ATLANTIS Programme - Actions for transatlantic links and academic networks in training and integrated studiesDGEAC/06/07 DGEAC/06/07 31/05/2007 Completed
A handbook for the establishment of National guidance FORA and other policy coordination mechanismsAO/B/RLAR/FORA/002/07 AO/B/RLAR/FORA/002/07 22/05/2007 Completed
Editing servicesCedefop AO/D/DAB/Editing/003/07 Cedefop AO/D/DAB/Editing/003/07 10/05/2007 Completed
Cedefop No CEI/ProofRead/2004 - Proofreading services 07/05/2007 Completed
Cedefop No CEI/Journ/2004 - Journalistic support 07/05/2007 Completed
Cedefop No CEI/Edit-En/2004 - Editing services in English 07/05/2007 Completed
Lifelong Learning programmeDGEAC/61/06 DGEAC/61/06 30/03/2007 Completed
Foresight study on themes and issues for Cedefop Report on vocational education and training research in EuropeAO/A/PDE/RR5/001/07 AO/A/PDE/RR5/001/07 06/03/2007 Completed
Call for proposals - DG EAC - Innovative cooperation, training and information projects 28/02/2007 Completed
Erasmus Mundus - External Cooperation WindowEuropeAid/124352/C/ACT/Multi EuropeAid/124352/C/ACT/Multi 28/02/2007 Completed
Call for proposals - DG EAC - Erasmus Mundus 28/02/2007 Completed
Landscape-Gardening ServicesCedefop No: AO/E/ICTF/Gardening/033/06 Cedefop No: AO/E/ICTF/Gardening/033/06 15/02/2007 Completed
Repair and Maintenance Services of Building InstallationsCedefop AO/E/ICTF/BuildingMaintenance/034/06 Cedefop AO/E/ICTF/BuildingMaintenance/034/06 14/02/2007 Completed
Event support services from a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO)AO/PR/SBEN/PCO/035/06 AO/PR/SBEN/PCO/035/06 12/02/2007 Completed


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