The main goal of this study is to understand better the impact of global sourcing on e-skills jobs and occupations in order to anticipate change and concentrate efforts on nurturing talent and developing e-skills where Europe can best compete.

The work will be split into 2 phases:

  • the first phase will be dedicated to the delivery of a roadmap, the collection and the analysis of information, interviews of key stakeholders, a synthesis of the current situation in Europe, the identification of major trends and developments, and the preparation of a report on 'global sourcing and ICT software and services in Europe' to be released 6 months after the signature of the contract,
  • the second phase will concentrate on the development of a global sourcing assessment model (including 3 scenarios), the preparation of the final report on 'the impact of global sourcing on e-skills' (including policy recommendations and best practices) to be released 8 months after the signature of the contract, as well as the organisation of a dissemination event, the publication of a press release and of a brochure. Published in OJ No S 163 of 25/08/2007

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